Ya know when you are having one of those awful days, the ones where you are just moping about? So I am having one of those the other day, and visit a recommended shop - - Paper Couture. Well, lemme turn that frown, upside down.

So since I am going along with my crazy shopping week, thought I would make part deux about another boutiquey store (is that a word? meh!...tis now!)

I have NEVER, ever, never ever... *giggle* It is 2 am, SHUSH! So I've never seen anything like the Lu sisters work, for real! I stood in awe, for a good 20 minutes...just allowing the glorious work to rez around me. Now, when I tell you I bought everything in that shop, I am NOT playing around. I did. I had a fashion panic attack, and called my friend up, dragged 'em over, and shared my moment.

I talk a lot about textures, but that is just because I can really and truly appreciate what goes into creating in SL. I am blown away by these textures. The 2 I have painstakingly chosen, may not be the *best* in the collection, but they are each picked specifically for their edge on other designers.

The first is the Silk Gypsy Gown, which is sculpted, and literally pools at your feet. I do not believe i have seen this done in SL as of yet, so KUDOS! I know its not going to work when you go out dancing, etc...but its glorious...and I will happily be a wallflower in this number. Plunging neckline, detailed corset. The sleeves are sculpted as well, and give a wonderful shape to the upper body. Here is a pic to drool over....

The second, Davinchi is just out there, no idea where I can wear it, but I will. Probably everyday for 10 days, just because I can. The hat is phenomenal, again, sculpted. Thank gooooodness for sculpties! You would need to get in world and buy this to really appreciate it. Comes with a cape, flexi... also the frilly neck, again flexi. Lots of layers, yayy for that. Loving the detailed buttons down the front of the corset, as well as how the cape ties at your neck. And course there is that fabulous bow on the hat, who doesn't need an obscenely large red bowed hat?

Other mentions...

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (smoky 1)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Shoes: Jaywalk - Diamanda (onyx)

Hair: ETD - *Top* Natalie (Sunny Burnt), *Bottom* Vanessa II (Sunny Burnt)