Part III - Tuli

Here's to yet another new find! Tuli, say it with me now....Tu-li... located in the Le Zoo sim, which you might recall me mentioning is where Tres Blah is as well. Designer Tuli Asturias, is not only know for her amazing clothes, but some fabulous SKINS as well. So a trip to her shop, will surely find you something. She was also featuring hair byAden Breyer...but we can talk about that later...

This first number, does NOT come with the hat! That's just fair warning, if you want that, you will have to take a trip over to Elegance Hats (which would be well worth it, since they have by far the best hats in SL) This one is new, comes in a few colors, and yes, its sculpted, the sheer trim, and the way it sits on your head is super sexy, and it features decorative flowers, that cascade down the side. Alrighty, movin' on...

The dress is called Leila, and I am wearing it in the garden shade. You have the option at Tuli to buy the entire ensemble, or just the dress, or just the jacket. This is very common with all of her line, and a great idea if you ask me! Anyway, obviously I had to have it all. The dress by it self is beautiful, the length is perfect, comes to just above the knee, and the floral print really puts you in the mood for spring. It hugs your curves, and flairs out a bit to a lovely trim at the hem. The jacket has a detailed trim, comes with a prim collar and is flexi.

Next, I snagged the entire Connie set, which only comes in the color shown. As soon as I saw it on the wall, I wanted it purely because I knew my Armidi Gisaci boots would look FAB with it! And, sure enough...they do! This one has TONS of layering options, Jacket with the belt, Jacket without the belt, prim cuffs, mini skirt comes both flexi, and non flexi. The jacket is short, comes in 2 colors, shows off some skin, which I love, and is also low cut. The belt sits high on your waist, and the detailed buckle looks wonderful against the highly detailed jacket texture. Mini skirt, love it, not a fan at all of the skirt layer (like I need my SL ass to look any bigger?), so when a designer works hard at getting a prim to sit properly, and give off the LOOK of a skirt later, GOOD JOB!

And lastly.... Gwen in gold. I took quite a few shots of this one in particular, I am wearing some more Armidi shoes, and great jewelry from...of all places....Paper Couture *wink*. I wore this number to my grand opening of my satellite location at club Shiraz. So ya know its gotta be GOOD! It does come in other colors, but it was gold for me all the way. Take a close up look at the gold on this gown, I can nearly feel the fabric run against my fingers, it shimmers so nicely. The waist trim, as well as sleeved trim is in a lovely light green shade, and has all kinds of sequined decoration on it. You can wear the sleeves with or with out the trim, and yes they are flexi, as well as the skirt. There is also a nice collar attachment for the gown, so its not "flat".

Okies, onto the other need to knows....

In Photo # 1 - Leila

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (smoky 1)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: Aden - Edie (Blonde)

Shoes: Celestial Studios - Sculpted Wedges

Hat: Elegance Hats - Evie (White)

In Photo #2 - Connie

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (smoky 1)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: Aden - Tori (Blonde)

Boots: Armidi Gisaci - Kyoto Boot (Black/Gold I)

In Photo #4 - Gwen

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (Green)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: ETD- Tyra (Honey Burnt)

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump (Metallic Glitz)

Jewlery: Paper Couture - Knights Honor Earrings, Diamond Bee Ring