Alchemy Anyone?

Not sure how well known Constanza Volare's store is... so, let me URGE you to stop by Alchemy. You won't regret the visit, besides hating me for making you spend your precious $L. But wait!! If you join the store's update group...you get a FREEBIE, and not some cheesy freebie either! I would gladly pay $$ for these! Unfortunately the 2nd was LAST month's update group gift. BUT... if she keeps on giving them out monthly...lucky us!
This is May's Group Gift...

And quickly...
Same ol' Skin & Eyes (funny..I cannot find one I like better)

Hair: ETD - Emily (Sunny Burnt)

Sneakers: ETD - Demi Trainers (White)

Jewelry: Earthtones - Journey Circle Set (Gold)

Now, this was *LAST* month's group gift, I am sharing it just so you can see, it is SO worth it to join the group!!

And again, real quick on this one:

Hair: ETD - Deidra (Sunny Burnt)

Jewelry: Earthtones - Circles Earrings (Black/Rainbow), Triple Layer Necklace (Black/Rainbow)

Now moving on to the items I actually PAID for. This first one is called inspiration, and I purchased it in pink. It comes with the top and pant layers, and also 2 prim skirts. So you can wear either look. I bought it for the tiered skirt, it moves so nicely. The shirt texture is wonderful, you can see the detailed shading at the belt, and the plunging neckline. The skirts are semi sheer, and have a floral print.

I've accessorized with...

Hair: Armidi - Abigail (Golden Sand)

Shoes: Jaywalk - Vanessa (Silver)

Jewelry: Earthtones - Journey Circle Set (Gold)

And finally... how hot is THIS?! Called Unique, grabbed mine in yellow. *Sigh* Where to even begin??? Open up the folder...and happy day...tons of stuff in there! You've got the underwear/undershirt, pants (2 lengths)/top & jacket layer, but in addition to all of that. You get ALL 3 SKIRTS pictured! Pencil skirt, prim skirt & mini skirt!! Beyond that is the fact that the textures are extraordinary. The zebra top has a sheen to it, and the yellow belt buckle is diamond encrusted. The skirts are all great, you get the creases, and on the middle skirt, you also get a tulle over lay that is semi sheer, really looks amazing.

Hair: ETD - Phobe (Honey burnt) *this is a FREEBIE y'all!*

Choker: Indyra Originals - Rue

Earrings: Paper Couture - Indian Dreams

Shoes: Jaywalk - Diamanda (Onyx)

That about wraps it up for today kiddies.... happy shopping!