When asked where to buy a formal gown, Nicky Ree is the first name that comes to mind. When I am wearing one of her gowns, I immediately feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. She takes great care with her designs, and always offers a delightful amount of layering options. Her colors, textures, sheers, lace, bla bla bla...always impressive. So it seems fitting that she was my last visit on my shopping extravaganza.

I immediately scoped out the new April Gown in Red. I picked up the evening gown set. You could really splurge and get the complete package, don't quote me...but I think it was around $L2500, however, the gown/pant combo I grabbed was just $L800. For the savvy shoppers (or those who have spent far too much $L in 1 week!). There are a TON of color options, you can get anything from light pink, to champagne, to dark blue. Some of the tones are really wonderful, there is a yellow and fuchsia that blend into a different tone, really makes the gown stand out. I opted for the red, simply because I felt like I needed a red gown! The glove layer is a great arm tie, that is duplicated across the dress front. There is also a hint of gold shimmer throughout the gown, and of course...flexi, flexi, flexi!

And....in case you were wondering, all of these photos were taken at the new and improved Phat Cat's Jazz Club. Where else would a girl in a gorgeous gown go? It is really worth it to put on something fabulous and head over, they've done an amazing job on the renovation!

Need to knows...

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (Gold)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: ETD - Natalie (Sunny Burnt)

Jewelry: JCNY Collection - Pearl Jewelry Earrings (Gold)

So, that about wraps it up... course this has been a process of over 2 weeks, getting this all down in the blog..so by now I have new things to blog about! Keep an eye out!