Another of my huge list of much loved stores.... Digit Darkes. I think their line is much more eclectic, and edgey. I love to go their to find the things that I would wear on my "Carrie Bradshaw" days. *giggle* As always, highly textured and detailed! (would I EVER steer you wrong?!) So here are a few that I've put together for you to sample!
*on a side note, the store is enourmous, and there is soooo much there to see.

Okkkay...lets start with... the Dirkshire Pant in Misty & Dahlia Top in Golden. Floral print boot leg pants, that are eye popping, and a gold sequined top. Doesn't everyone wear that on a Friday morning? The top is partially sheer, where it connects to the collar, and the sequins are plentiful, comes in quite a few colors! You will shimmer all over SL. The pants are just fun, they come in tons of colors and prints, and have detailed cuffs and waist.

Movin' right along... Miska Dress in White & Black. This was purely an opportunity to put on my shiny white Blaze knee high boots. =) But its hot as anything! The dress features more sequined detail at the trim, which carries over to the back, connecting to a sparkley DD logo which holds on some flexi ties. Course it is flexi, and the skirt is pleated, empire waist. It does infact come with those adorable stripped gloves fyi - which have prim bows! too cute! Lots of layers and attachments, love them options!

Finally... Autumn Tulle skirts in Coral, paired with the Liquid Latex Sttrappless Top in Gold and the Fur Bomb Crop Jacket to finish it off. Hey, I said ecletic and edgey, did I not? This is such a fun ensamble. The liquid top hugs every cuve, and shows them off, as only latex can! The skirt is actually really interesting, it doesn't have the typical glitch pants, rather a pair of under pants. Which I happen to like, the skirt is sheer, and the under pants are detailed. Skirt comes in 2 options - logo belt, or ribbon belt. I am wearing the ribbons, which are flexi. What latex and tulle outfit is complete without a lil' fur? So this one is topped off with the fur crop. Its very fuzzy, as with all SL fur, and the jacket layer underneath completely covers you, so no skin shows as you move. Need to knows...

Photo # 1

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (Gold)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: Cake- Europa (Ash Blonde)

Shoes: Jaywalk - Diamanda (Onyx)

Photo # 2

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (Smoky 2)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: ETD - Lannah (Sunny Burnt)

Shoes: Blaze - Stilletto Boots (White)

Photo # 3

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (Smoky 2)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Hair: HCT - Smitten (Dirty)

Boots: Armidi Gisaci - Kyoto Boot (Black/Gold I)