Alright....generally I keep my mouth shut on this front. And when I say keep my mouth shut, I mean my bloging voice. I try not to put too much of my personal feelings on matters out there. I don't really like to get involved in all the fashion drama, which, if you keep up with can be quite a bit.

But after being away for a 24 hour time span, I come back to the feeds and start reading, and realizing something is up.

I am not going to repost anything here, because its been spread around a bit, however I would like to link it, so that anyone who is inclined can read.

Sasy Scarborough and Ryker Beck have posted about content theft in relation to blogging.... HERE.

The reason why I am mentioning this, is mostly because I myself have been involved with accidentally blogging something that was definitely content theft. I had no idea, and I was sort of jumped on by a few people. While others were so kind, and ran to warn me right away, there were a few who were...for lack of a better word, critical.

You know, everyday that I blog there is a risk that I've made a mistake. I personally, as I am sure all of my fellow bloggers, spend a LOT of time working on my blog. After my mistake, I have been extra cautious, I do a bit of research, and try to be sure that I don't repeat my mistake.

Saving myself the embarrassment is on the plate of reasons, however, my main concern is always the guilt of having hurt someone who put hard work and time into their designs.

I don't want to carry on, even tho I think I already have. SORRY! BUT, agreeing with Sasy and Ryker... (especially with the current situation at hand... read here) I have to plead with designers, even if you don't want to make something PUBLIC knowledge, if you see someone blogging something that you know is stolen, tell them! You know, not only does it make them aware, but I can hope that if they saw the same thing happen, they would as well pass on the information.

I know this is sort of repetitive, considering...but I felt like I needed to express my feelings on the matter for once. We all need to work together.


Sasy Scarborough said...

It was your experience only recently that prompted the part about being attacked for mistakes ♥ I really was upset to hear that had happened to any blogger.

xox Sasy xox

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...


Your 2 Cents are worth a lot. I too would appreciate a head's up so I can continue to do what I love (blog) and feel like it is a pleasure as opposed to an excercise in frustration.

~ Ketsy

Felicity Blumenthal said...

Aww, thank you Sasy...I didn't realize it was ME you were talking about LOL =)

Ketsy, I know how you feel, hopefully Sasy & Ryker's voices will be heard... I know the situations are complex, and that designers try not to point fingers, etc. Causing uneccessary scenes... but even so, saying something quietly (regardless of how the blogger might react) has to be better then keeping silent?