Yesterday seemed like a HUGE fashion day for me... New Hair, New Clothes, New Shoes, Sim Grand Opening, or Re-Openings.... So I spent most of it just running around "ooooo-ing" and "ahhhh-ing". I got a TON of new things. Which is good and bad, because I am sorta overwhelmed... I want to put it all on and start snapping...but that would prove for some mighty un-matching ugliness, don'tcha think?

So...I woke up this morning, and logged in to review copies from the Kunglers sisters. Barbra's new dress Yasminn was JUST what I needed to inspire me to go explore and take a ton of pictures.

Normally I accessorize away; jewelry, mixing and matching, shoes, etc... but today, I just slipped into my new Minnu Skin (Paris) *Yum-O* and some fabulous new ::69:: hair... and got right down to it. Here are the great results... besides prettying it up a bit, they are really not edited much, both the dress, hair and skin are so immaculately done they just don't need a "touch up".

So thanks so much Barbra for sharing....and inspiring me to wander barefoot in the Forest...