So I think this will be my last Halloween Costume to share... I am having such a busy RL this week, that I can't do much more =) But I have given y'all a lot to *chew* on. I still haven't decided what I will wear, but then again, I haven't been invited to any Halloween parties *gasp*

So, this is my naughty little bunny, and for some reason, I felt like I needed a stripper pole *shrug* maybe I didn't really, but now I have a new toy! The costume comes from Deviance, again.. if you haven't been you should go, everything is really good quality. As you can see here, love the shimmer, and the fuzzy tail, even the sculpted ears are adorable. I like the cuffs and collar as well, which again are sculpted. I paired it up with my Zhao Shoes - Lovis fyi.

I am not including details, because I am running out the door to the dr...really... I've lost my voice, don't feel bad... feel happy for my family who doesn't have to listen to my big mouth! **If you do need some info on the look, just send me a note**


Milk McCallen said...

I do love that costume. I have to say I've got a bit of a soft spot for bunny costumes, they are very cute.

Felicity Blumenthal said...

I do too... it was really hard to take it off! =)