Nena @ League was kind enough to send me over her most recent releases, and I was really excited about them. Not only are the Sinead boots gorgeous, come in great colors, and have customizable options... but also happen to go wonderfully with the accompanying dress.

The dress I am really impressed with too (Sinead, same as the boots!)... I am not entirely sure what Nena has done with the sculpted section on the skirt...whatever it was is just genius tho! It fits better then any I have seen yet, and even with the AO, it still looks good.... no real arkward moments. I also noticed, (which if you look carefully at the images below) when I am leaning in one direction or another... it looks like the dress is pulled away from you, in a very natural fashion, not just glued to the avatar. I love it!

Need to Knows...

Skin: Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Aqua - Glitter) Freckled
Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Manicure: Laqroki - Manicure 11
Hair: MMS - DJ (Autumn)
Earrings: Paper Couture - Indian Dreams Earrings
Necklace: Armidi Gisaci - Niana Necklace (Silver)
Bracelet: Bonita's Jewelry - Gray and Pearls Bracelet 5 ~ #11
Bag: Cachet - Trisch Bag (Funeral)