I have some EXCITING NEWS to share (well, exciting to me at least)....

My Second Closet will soon reach its 100th blog!! Isn't that exicitng???? (again, for me) Well, it could be exciting for YOU too! Because...

Not only am I planning one heck of a bash (date TBA), but I am also about to open up a contest!


My Second Closet's 100th Blog Contest

The idea of the contest, is to see what YOU have in YOUR closet. I am opening up a Flickr group called My Second Closet (original, isn't it?), and what you will need to do is submit a little image, your own brilliant composition, and include a blog in the details. Little blurb about the outfit, make it fun, tell me what you love, give all the details, so everyone knows where to go, etc.

Contest Dates: Oct 17th - Nov 14th ***date has been extended***

The Prize... (this is where it gets good)

Grand Prize Winner -

1500 L$ & A photoLIFE Studio - The BEST photography studio in SL, is releasing a brand spanking new studio, called *On Location*. It is geared towards us fashionista's; extremely easy to use, smaller package -verrrry portable, low prim-, and budget friendly! You, as the grand prize winner will be awarded with this wonderful new studio! woohoo!

2nd Prize -

500L$ AND at the Blog Party I will be sporting one of the new gowns from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles as yet unreleased line, and it is ALL yours! You will get your hands on this gorgeous gown before anyone else in SL has the chance to!

3rd Prize -


Rules & Requirements:

I am not trying to make this difficult, my only requirement is that something you use in your entry be from at least 2 of my favorite places:

Bonita's Jewelry

Indyra Originals

Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Ornamental Life
Sam's Secret Boutique

Skin Flicks

Make sure to give all info on what you are wearing, from skin to shoes!

Contest will be judged on; Overall Look, Photography, Creativity & Writing

What I am looking for; someone who has a great personality, good writing skills, fits well with the direction of the MSC blog style. Ohh, and just so we are clear, its not limited to women, if you are a guy, and want to take a shot...GO FOR IT!

Keep an eye out for more info, updates, and the exciting news about the big party. I will be announcing the winner AT the party, and all of my favorite places will have goody bags for ALL of the guests!


Desiree said...

Ok. I have been thinking about blogging, so maybe this would be a good way for me to start! So, do I have to open an account on wordpress or blogger or what? Then submit a blog entry and a flickr photo? I'm sorry that I'm so new at this, but I've been reading the Fashion Feed blogs for months and saying to myself - "I can do that!"

Felicity Blumenthal said...

All you need to do..to ENTER the contest is get on flicker, submit a picture, and in the details put a blog type entry. That just needs to be submitted to my group. And thats it!