100th Blog Contest

Well, its now the 16th for me.... some time in the middle of the night. My feet are sore from all the dancing *giggle* and I am just curled up on my couch in my PJs... I am exhausted! But with that comes a really wonderful day! The fashion show, regardless of the absolutely packed sim, went off pretty much without a hitch. Everyone looked gorgeous, and I did get a real kick out of seeing so many things that hang in my second closet hit the runway! And I will be grabbing up whatever else I don't already own!

The party was great, I enjoyed all of the company, and was thrilled to see nearly everyone stay on! The gifts were phenominal, and I hope each and everyone of you is enjoying unwrapping!

I know I said it at the party, but I want to say it again, for those who couldn't get in, or were unable to make it. THANK YOU! I appreciate each and everyone of you, and all that you did to make the day great. Thats all, won't blab away with the whole speech again.

And now for the exiting news!! The blog winners....woohoo!!

1st Place - Sabine Blackburn's Coquette Doll

This is not a Barbie, so don't try to dye her hair blond. If you love her it's because she is never what you expect her to be - or you can hate her because she is a doll with attitude - but you will never be indifferent to her.

Coquette Doll loves glamourous cocktail-parties: She's wearing an extravagant, sexy evening outfit. The kinky shortness combined with the smooth texture of the skirt make this dress provocative and lovely at the same time, the blue-midnight colour gives the ensemble a sophisticated look. The béret and Bob-haircut adds a cheeky and stylish touch...and those legs...Rawrr! Quelle coquinne!

Coquette Doll inludes:
Dress (incl. hat & straps): Baiastice "Envy"
Shoes: Indyra Originals "Coquette Noir *Rue*
Hair: Truth "Mary - Midnight"
Skin: Redgrave "Moon - tan"
Eyes: guess the colour
Jewelry: not needed

Price: not in your budget

***Congrats also to our 2nd Place Winner - Elysium Rayna's Rebel Chic, and also our 3rd Place Winner - Annah Whitfield's Sexylicious!

All the contestants did a wonderful job, and should be really proud of themselves! I know it was really hard for the judges to choose favorites!!

*Yawn* Yea, that about does it for me kiddies! I'll be back soon with Bloggy goodness!