League - Ella

Sunday Reviews....Love em! So here is one of the many things I acquired this weekend. Newness from League - Ella. I love this set, you get options for different color skirts as well as matching stockings with garters. I think that Nena has done a fantastic job with all of her sculpting work, the sleeves with the belting detail, as well as the collar. Her texturing is always impressive, and highly detailed. I adore the shirt, and am hoping I get to pair it with other mash ups going forward. I think the stiching and the shading is really fantastic! Also, Nena has included the Astrolabe necklace, which if you take a close look, is animated! I also figured I'd just go with the Asuka boots, that are from League as well...because...well..they look perfect! =)

Just a quick note about the excellent skin from BEBAE, I won't go into it too much because Keey already covered it in a previous post... BUT... I do adore them, and I think the lips and makeup are fantastic. Each set has a little different coloring, and look to it, some more dramatic then others.... okay shutting up now!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Need to Knows:

Skin: BEBAE - Belina Cinna (Moss - 1b)
Eyes: the oBscene - Collection Contacts 007 (Green)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: =TEKUTEKU= - Coco (Red)
Earrings: EarthStones - Bali hoop Earrings (Brass/MOP)


Ana Lutetia said...

oh... I must go shopping at League!