I have a secret....

Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve slipped me a sneak peek at the all new Bliss skins!! SO I am going to share with you all!!

You cannot get them just yet, but they will be available very soon. So let me dish....

This new skin is phenomenal. I am wearing the Bliss t2 Red Candy makeup. I think the best work Sachi has done to date... The realism is extremely impressive, and you can see all the time and effort that was put in, from head to toe. The face is shaded perfectly, and the slight shimmer on the lips makes me squeel.

But you can't stop there, take a look at the collar bone, and the cleavage, and did you notice the hands, and the stomach? She's take great care with the belly button, and look at the fingertips! I think they are the best I've seen?! Flipping it around to the back, from the shoulder blades right down to the delicious booty, again immaculate shading and detail!

Even moving down to the legs, nothing was left out, knees, ankles, and beautiful little toes. I have to say also, tho while I am not sharing them, Sachi girl.....luuuuv the nipples! The dimension you gave there, good stuff!

I've tried to really give you a good sampling of all the fine details, but I think you will need to get to Adam n Eve and pick up a demo for yourself, when they are released.

Thanks agan Sachi for sharing! *hugs*