I will be up for Auction this evening! I've joined the incredible list of kind souls, who are donating their time to help benefit the victims of the Victoria Bushfire.

Taking place tonight, the 15th @ 7pm SLT held at Seven Ultra Lounge.

I expect to see you all there, and bidding on me, of course. But in case you were curious, here are some of the other people who will be up for auction:

Truth Hawks, Ryker Beck, Hibiscus Flossberg, Sylar Boyd, Grady Echegaray, Newdoll Nikolaidis, Cherelle Capra, Malkavyn Eldritch, Bianca Darling, Ashia Tomsen, Vasean Talamasc, Glamouramama Boa, Faery Sola, Tesa Jewell, Catero Revolution, Dakota Buck, Autumn Hykova, Lazaro Nakamachi, Stephberry Delling, Ruina Kessell, Jonny Tobias, Callie Cline, Achariya Maktoum, Payton Heron, JohnJoseph Shippe, Seikatsu Koba, Dove Swanson, Lawless McBride, and Winter Jefferson.

For more information please check out Winter's Blog - In Cold Blood.