Hello lovelies :)

I have been an awful blogger lately. Curse real life getting in the way. I was rather excited today when I logged on to a note card from the fabulous Bubbles Clawtooth owner of the newly opened hair store "Clawtooth by Clawtooth" or "CBC". I mean new hairs on the grid make me tres happy anyway but when they are not your standard hairs it makes me even more excited. Although there are only two hairs in store they are truly wonderful. The textures, the color choices and the names I mean could you possibly ask for more.

The first one is called "Lola's big date. It's a fab almost side pony tail style. But its messy...which I love. It has wispy bits all around the face and a slight side parting that falls perfectly over your forehead. It also in includes a detachable cherry blossom.

The next style is called " Veronica Lake". It's a uber sexy long do that sweeps down the back. I love how the hair covers one eye and how it falls perfectly over your cleavage ..beautifully framing it. Which of course its very important.
I really can't tell you enough how much I adore these hairs. I can hardly wait for the lovely Bubbles Clawtooth to come out with more things. It's defiantly a shop to watch.

Taxi to the awesomeness: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/73/127/133

Keeley <33
What's worn:
Skin:(Gala)Sundust:Vixen-Capri 01 and 02
Hairs:(CBC) Lola's big date:( oranage you glad) & Veronica lake( pink eye)
Shirt:(&Bean)ReckonerPeach &(pink)The ashton marie party dress-silver
Necklace:(yummy)portrait necklace
Lashes:(The oBscene)


Felicity Blumenthal said...

Oooooo! Loves it! Specially the Lola one... *runs to buy*