I was in my studio after a really rough day and snapped this shot. I figured I'd share here, since it was taken in the mash-up I am blogging about....

(click to view large)

While on my shopping adventures this weekend I made a pit stop at C.Smit. You might recognize the name, the new clothing designer; Cynthia Smit is a pretty well know photographer. She does amazing things with her photos, so it seems fitting that she has decided to extend her skills and take a swing at Fashion Design.

So far she has created a selection of shirts, mostly tank tops. They are all embellished with fine detailing. I love the Free Love tank in particular! Most come with lace trim detailing, and lots of layer options.

It gave me a chance to do a sorta mash-up, which I just don't get to do enough of. But I also gave you a few shots of some other tops, one short sleeved called LittleLeo, which looks pretty plain and simple from the front, but turn around and it is nearly backless. The other Partygirl, again has great detailing on the back, with a necklae like embelishment and the words Party Girl printed across it. The front has some detail on the straps, as well as the lace trim (again).

Need to Knows...

Skin: Redgrave - Leona Pale (Ash)
Eyes: the oBscene - Collection Contacts 007 (Green)
Hair: VintageWear - Mod Squad (Red Tones, Dark Auburn)
Tops: .:C.Smit:. - FreeLove, LittleLeo & PartyGirl
Skirt: Canimal - Narcotic (Black) *part of outfit*
Earrings: Yummy - Beaded Hoop
Necklace: Magika - Lightening Necklace
Bracelets: DP yumyum - Bracelet Set (Red)
Fish Nets: amerie's NAUGHTY - Naughty Torn FishnerTights (Midnight)
Boots: Abyss - F_Boots//TheCatalyst (Black)

Listening to: Why Georgia? - John Mayer