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Hey Lovelies! :)

Two posts in two days?? * faints* I must have some time on my hands. Actually I have been meaning to blog this for ages but with deadlines and rl overtaking everything I have been a lazy bast. I couple weeks ago I was given an note card that had an Ivalde challenge. I have been a fan for Ivalde for sometime. I love how you can find virtually any style you want. I think most people think that Ivalde is all about the retro gear but it's soooooooo much more. It was so hard to narrow down my choice to just ONE outfit. I could of easily picked like 30 cause you know my inventory needs more stuffs! :/ So after circling the store a few times I settled on an outfit called "Hlin" It's a fantastic almost checkered coat and trouser suit. It also comes with a turtleneck for underneath.I love both the jacket and the trousers but I don't really like wearing outfits that coordinate that well ie completely matching even though they look cute ..its just not me. So I decided to break up the jacket and the pants combo and make two separate outfits. And if you think about it, it's way more use for your lindens.
The first look I went for was with the jacket and turtleneck. I adore this coat. I love the nice chunky cuffs which horraaaay I didn't have to edit. I love the little button detailing on the coat itself. I paired it with an awesome tutu skirt from Canimal and a pair of tights. I also threw in "fashion pop" hair from Vintage wear. I love this outfit it's cute enough to wear for a party but not to fancy for just wearing around the grid as you shop. The coat looks incredibly warm and although its almost spring here in Scotland where I am in rl it's freaking COLD still.

The second look I opted for was using the trousers from the Hlin outfit. I teamed them with the shirt from the cute Shark attack mini from *SL* and the awesome new hair from Truth. I wanted to go for a more tougher look with gloves, belt and biker boots. I sorta have a thing for trousers that have patterns on them. I love the texture of these trousers they actaully look like they would be thick to touch. These are highly versatile and with all the different colors in the pattern the possible shirt/jacket choices are endless.

Finally...Nef the owner for Ivalde kindly gave me a wonderful dress/bolero combo called Eriny and I thought I would post a picture cause A. it's freaking cute and B. cause its GREEN and it's almost St.Patricks Day. :)

So what are ya waiting for yo..go go go go! :)
Take care everyone
Keebs xx
What's worn:
Hair,(VW)Fashion pop-platinum,(Truth)Tahlia-dune ,(Artilleri)Rina- Honey
Skin:(gala) Vixen=Sundust: mink 02, Merlot 02,Limon 01
Skirt:(canimal) Foofoo tutu black
Socks:(Ivalde) Black socks from Eirny set
Jacket/Shirt(Ivalde) Hlin- brown,(*SL*) Shark attack mini- black
Boots:(Maitreya) billow boots) brown,(Redgrave)Biker boots-black
Trousers:(Ivalde)Hlin pants- borwn
Belt:(Muisim) Double belt-black
Bangle(last call) silver and wood
Gloves:(Cachet)Wednesday oufit
earrings(Matsurika) clover


Sere said...

Wow! Such different looks, but each darling! Great job mix and matching!

Keeley Huet said...

Thank you :))