Infinity Skins

I was one of those girls who gladly helped Annyka Bekkers beta test her new line of skins - Infinity. This line is completely seperate from the one you all know and love - blowpop. Anyway, I did it just to be helpful, and get a sneak peek at the new skins. I did offer some suggestions, but on the whole, was in love with them. That was many months ago....

So last night when I got this fantastic present in-world from Annyka I was all *squeel*... as a thank you to all the beta testers she dropped a TON of new skins on us.

I figured I would share them with you all, even tho it is a bit of a tease, as they aren't being released until next week sometime... sowwy!

My personal prefernce is the Elizabeth line, because I am a freckle girl. No one really does freckles like Annyka... I dunno what it is, but the combo of the skin complexion and the freckles looks so fresh and clean. I think it really resembles my RL complexion, maybe that is where the favoritism comes from?!

But they are all really gorgeous, and she has put endless hours and work into them, as they have been a LONG time coming. The noses are impecable really, the shading and highlight, a ton of detail... its kinda like turning on the hi-def on your face. She follows through with this on the body as well, collar bone details, fingernails, shading on the stomach.

I am giving you a good sampling below of different skin tones, and the 3 new skins - - Ava, Carmen & Elizabeth. You can get each in an array of skin tones, and 6 different make up options.

I suggest you visit Annyka's blog - Infinity Skins, so you can keep updated as to when the skins are released!

Now I NEED to go to my Mag work.... *skips off to shop*