Twosome yummy

Hello lovelies! :)

So yeah as you can see I have been awol and I have missed the bus when it came to reviewing new things. I am always a few mins late...damn you rl! * shakes fist at the pixel sky* Anyway much to my delight when I was roaming today I came across the store TWOSOME. I have been a fan of Twosome since it opened ages ago. They offer a range of shirts, socks,shorts,swimsuits, jewelry to name a few things. I adore this store and when I walked in today I was like OMGZ fan girl squeal over the cutest little retro swimsuits! They are called Retrospection and I lub em. They have everything you would want from some retro awesomeness and polkadot yum! You can get a range of colors. Also they have some cute tanks out just in time for summer fun. They are cheer you up tops. They have cute little pictures on them ranging from cherries..a owl, caterpillars, ice lollies and many more. Also just before I make this post uber long haha the Sophisticated necklace Twosome offer is the bomb. So skip on over there and have a wee look. :)

Keebs <3

What's worn yo

First one:
Hair: Lamb! bang bang- butterfinger
Shoes: Redgrave: Winter boots black
Shorts: Twosome: Autumn shorts black
Skin: &bean:the light anger Kim
Headband: Miel: tulip headband
Necklace: Twosome: sophisticated necklace white
Cardi:Twosome:Safu cardi

Second one:
Bracelet: Twosome: Yummy bracelet..green
Hair: Junwave:Pop'n'girl hazelnut
Socks: PIG:Socks Mit Suspenders- clean white
tank: Twosome:Cheer you up top: caterpillar
Skin:&bean:the light anger: placid
Bottoms:Twosome:retrospection swimsuit green

Third one:
Suit:Twosome: retrospection swimsuit red
Shoes: Armidi: Viniani heel white
Skin:&bean:the light anger:livid


Anonymous said...

Yaay! Twosome! ♥

Keeley Huet said...

Totally..twosome is the awesome <3

Felicity Blumenthal said...

<3 <3 Sorry I missed you today. Hope everything was awesome!