Chic Boutique

WOW....I just disappeared on y'all for a few days! hehehe....sorrrryyy!! Besides a super busy RL, I have been spending the little SL time I have working on the location for the big ol' 100th Blog Event.

That being said...I have a bit of fashion newness for you here....AND...a WTF?!

I create this super fun little contest, and I don't have a SINGLE entry!! Seriously?! Does the contest suck?? Hmmm.... I am not good at thinking that sort of thing up maybe?! Is there something you all would rather fight for???? hehehe.... Help a girl out here!!!

To see WHAT I am talking about check out THIS POST.

Okay...moving on now *breatheeee* I got a great folder full of loveliness dropped on me...oh...seems like forever ago now...but probably not nearly that long. It was full of new skins from Chic Boutique. The Diva Skins line, are F-A-B.... this is Stella I am showing off.... I am really big on body detail, as most of you know. Of course facial detail is important as well, but a lot of skin designers work hard on the face, and sorta forget about the body. So I am SO please with the body, shading, etc. And, on a side note... you have to check out the nipples...LOL... I am NOT showing them below...cause I am SO modest LOL But you should have a look at them, they are unlike any I have seen in SL.

TONS of make up options, which is hugely important to me, I tend to purchase an entire skin set, so I can wear it with make up, and with out. I like to go around with the natural look almost all of the time. But sometimes, I am wanting a dramatic dark eye shadow, and ruby red lips. OR a crazy fuschia look. So you get it all. Kudos to Arielle Ceres, and thanks for sharing!! I haven't taken them off YET!

I should also mention how inexpensive they are....only 849 each....OR 7000 for ALL 14!!!!! WOW

Since I was doing a skin blog, thought it gave me a great opportunity to give yo a mash up. AND speaking of.... I have a whole series of FALL Mash ups to share, I have been hanging on to them for like a month and a half now...and leading up to the 100th blog, I am going to share! Keep an eye out!!

Need to Knows...

Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Manicure: Laqroki - Manicure 11
Hair: TRUTH - Nikhita 2 (Flame)
Top: Sweetest Good-Bye - Herangsa (Brown)
Skirt: Canimal - Patches Skirt
Boots: League - Asuka
Bracelets: Armidi Gisaci - Healing Giraffe Bangle (Ruby), DP yumyum - Brown Bracelet
Earrings: Cachet - Nicolette Earrings