Updated the info over on the Blog Contest.... going to run it right up to the 14th now! AND, I am no longer judging.... I know a few entrants, and don't want any one to suspect that I am pulling favorites!

Also, added some cash to the prizes....so as it stands now:

Grand Prize - 1500 L$ & On Location photoLIFE Studio
2nd Prize - 500L$ & MY Party gown, c/o Moxie Polano's
3rd Prize - 500L$

Gets better everyday! LOL So enter, enter, enter!! I will be posting the Party Invite any day now, so keep coming back for the details... but here are a few to keep you interested - There will be goody bags from designers like TRUTH, Skin Flicks, Kunglers.... and thats all you are getting for today!

I know I said I was going to quiet down a bit, but then I got an invite for a visit over to the new Axel. I believe, they are not quite new, but the shopping area is, and they haven't gotten a lot of play....AND...have tons of incredible looking clothes. It sort of inspired me to take a little break yesterday morning from all the planning, and just snap a bunch of great shots.

The way they have set up the shopping is perfect, have kept it very boutiquey, and while it is all one brand - /Axel /, they have 5 different stores, and a bunch of different styles offered;

IKATI- Neko, grunge wear
MEARRA-Casual, Beachwear
VENUS-party, formal occasions
FEMME- Couture-inspired outfits
PHUR- Gorean type clothing- panther skins, freewomen gowns, silks.

It was very easy to navigate, and I enjoyed strolling from shop to shop as the build is really gorgeous.

I ended up using 4 different outfits, which I will share with you. This team of designers has worked hard, and all of these lovelies are hand drawn, and the details are wonderful; sculpted belts, sleeves, exquisite shading in all the right places... all details to make you run over and shop!

Need to Knows...

Skin: the oBscene - GANESHA - Diamond - CHARON
Eyes: Glanz- Transparency Shine Eyes - NightSky (Large)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Image 1
Jeans: /Axel /- Kesfat Jeans (Black)
T-Shirt: /Axel / - Teez Tee (Red)
Hair/Hat: Torridwear - Fedorable Laroux (Flame)
Shoes: ::69:: - Succubus pumps (Leopard)
Earrings: DMC - Round-Bamboo Hoop Earrings (Silver)
Bracelet: Atelier AM - aya V - Gold bracelet

Image 2
/Axel / - Talla polka dress (silver)
TRUTH – Phoenix (Blood)
Necklace & Ring:
flirt – Tiffany series
Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps (Steel)

Image 3
/Axel / - Bellus Shirt & Pant set (Red)
GBL - Caridaisee ring (Fire)
Armidi Gisaci - healing koi brangle coal
ETD - Hampton Wedge (Charcoal)
ETD - Tiana (Crimson)
Yummy - Beaded Hoop

Image 4
Outfit: /Axel / - Balme Pants Set *includes the belt!*
Earrings: EarthStones - Bali hoop Earrings (Brass/MOP)
Bracelet: ::eLDee:: - Line Bangles (Orange)
Hair: DH - Janis (Titian Red)
Shoes: TRUTH - Savanna Florette Pumps (Mint)