So, the party is THIS weekend!! WOW...time flies.

I had a crazy day, which consisted of my laptop dying =( So sad....

So here I am posting from my sparkley new one!! *pets the pretty blue laptop*

AND... it is time to share the invite!

Here are all of the great details:

My Second Closet is Celebrating its 100th Blog and you are invited!

The Haute Couture Sim is also celebrating a fabulous new Makeover, and will be having a day of events, leading up to the Blog Party:

Moxie Polano has built me my very own ENORMOUS closet in world, big enough in fact to have everyone over for the party...

Main event starts at 4pm SLT.

DJ Prad Prathivi will be spinning tunes for everyone to enjoy!

During the event the winner of the 100th Blog Contest will be awarded as well, with Kate Stockholm, the NEW face of photoLIFE presenting!

You still have time to enter, if you are interested:


Some of the best designers in SL have given me presents, and lucky you... I am sharing!

Hope to see you all there, oh yeah...and just because its in my closet, doesn't mean it is casual *wink*

**SLURL to come later this week!**