Moxie Polano's

You all are well aware by now, that tomorrow's events are being held at the Haute Couture Sim, which is of course home to Moxie Polano's. I've had this great Woodburn Suede Skirt Set in my inventory for weeks, and have been wearing it out and about, but haven't blogged it. When Moxie showed it to me, I was just in LOVE! AND... the Dark Brown Suede Boots, they are Moxie's as well!! Aren't they terrific?? Moxie wasn't sure about them, but I threw my body over them, and saved them...so you could all enjoy them fully!! So you should hurry over and buy them.... like now!

Anyway, I thought I would share this outfit with you today, to remind you of all the great stuff you can find at the Haute Couture sim! It will be a great day full of events, and shopping, and I personally can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday. More event info HERE.

I love the fur collar on this sweater, and the matching trim, not to mention the little pom poms that hang down, and the crochet like detail along the sweater. The skirt has a great suede stitched look, and comes with belt attachment, that is perfect. You can't really see them, but there is also a well detailed pair of tights under there! I'd love to have every pieced in this in my RL closet, I just need to work on how to get it out of SL, and in there?!

Well, that is my Happy Friday post! I have been keeping an eye on all the entries for the contest, and you all have been doing a terrific job. I am so happy to see the participation, and I know there will be a few more sneaking in today. WHICH, reminds me.... I have been asked a few times.... you can enter all day today, right up til midnight!!

Need to Knows....

Skin: Redgrave - Jennifer (smoky 2)
Eyes: Glanz- Transparency Shine Eyes - NightSky (Large)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: Dernier Cri - Natasha
Earrings: flirt – Tiffany series Stud Earrings